Saturday, April 5, 2008

May 5, 2008

It is lonely at this blog. I need to find some people to visit and chat. I feel like I am in this enormus cyber confusion of millions and millions of cyber messages are swirling around me. And I am alone under a street light on an empty street, in the drizzle. So sad.


I will not despare -- there is little point in doing that. It is just a matter of finding the road to the connection.

I am ready to print up the poster for my show. I am excitied about having my work up again.


Martha Miller said...

Hi Jo!

Have you seen much of Arlene Morris's work? You two have some similar things going on!


Karen Cole said...

Well Jo, you are no longer alone. I saw your work mentioned on the blog of Susan Tuttle (Ilkas Attic). I love your work.

Have a happy day!

Susan Tuttle said...

Hi Jo,
I saw your amazing work at the Little Dog coffee shop this weekend! I love it! I featured one of your paintings on my blog - hope you don't mind.


Mrs. Hess and Mrs. Harris said...

Hi Jo....remember me....Tori. I had heard you were now on another journey in your life and pursuing a I think that is a perfect fit for you because you are very blessed in being able to pull in the viewer to the feelings of the piece. At least in what I have seen. I checked out the touch drawing site and that is very cool. Hope you are is to short not to be.