Saturday, April 5, 2008

May 5, 2008

It is lonely at this blog. I need to find some people to visit and chat. I feel like I am in this enormus cyber confusion of millions and millions of cyber messages are swirling around me. And I am alone under a street light on an empty street, in the drizzle. So sad.


I will not despare -- there is little point in doing that. It is just a matter of finding the road to the connection.

I am ready to print up the poster for my show. I am excitied about having my work up again.

Friday, April 4, 2008

I am a brand new artist. I never imaged I would have a life in which the focus of my time was making art. I was a teacher. I taught students with special needs. I was passionate about my job -- it defined a core piece of who I am. The grand spirit that plays with the universe, however, had plans for me that did not include teaching for my whole life time and after 20 years, I lost my teaching job. My heart was broken. So then what? what was I supposed to do with me.
In the great serendipitous ways of the Spirit, I had taken a class the summer before I lost my job in a process called touch drawing (For more information you can go to It opened up a whole new way of making art. I was possessed. something opened in me that I had never experienced before. I have "dabbled" in a variety of art forms before -- in fact I got a degree in set and costume design many centuries ago. But I always felt clumsy and "less than". Now it was as if some higher power was channeling through me and I was just a vehicle for its voice. It was not that I did not struggle (my studio is littered -- literally -- with rejects) but I began producing art that felt like real art.
Gathering up my tiny bits of belief in my self and a great passel of courage, I showed my work to some artist friends. Not only did they like it they thought it was good. With far too much time on my hands, I rashly decided to take it down to Portland (Maine) which is about 30 minutes from where I live and see if I could find someone to display it. I was blessed to find a woman who enthusiastically embraced my work. I had a show that following summer at the Dogfish Bar and Grill on Free Street in Portland ( Then this miracle happened. I sold some pieces. I sold mostly to friends but I did sell some to strangers which just completely blows my fragile mind. That fall I had another show at The Little Dog Coffee Shop (87 Maine St., Brunswick, ME 04011Phone: (207) 721-9500) Again I had some success. What ever was left of my mind was shocked again. This can not be me the are talking about! It can not be my work they are buying! I must have been kidnapped by aliens.
But I have gathered back some remnants of belief that this is all real and am putting together two new shows at the same two locations. (I think I am obligated to always display my work at locations that are canine oriented). I have a show in may at the Little Dog Coffee Shop in Brunswick in May and will be at the Dog Fish Bar and Grill in Portland in July and August.

More later. I am overwhelmed